#BookSigning – The Living Night by John McFetridge

Ten years after the near total devastation of the Earth, the survivors who have settled in Batteryville have got the solar and wind power up and running and are building a community. Erin and Walter work in the charging station with the other teenagers, salvaging old phones and other devices. They’ve heard rumours about the rest of the world, how there are other small towns like theirs, but 90% of the world’s population is gone. They’ve been told that after the pandemic most of the world fell into chaos – massive food shortages, refugees, even more deadly viruses, and then revolution and war. Nuclear war. They don’t believe everything they’ve been told and then Erin sees a picture on a smartphone that changes everything: her father in a beautiful city. Erin runs away to find the father she was told was dead and Walter wants to help.

John McFetridge is the author of two critically acclaimed novel series: the Toronto series and the Eddie Dougherty series. He has written for the TV shows The Bridge and Real Detective and is the co-editor of the science fiction anthology 2113: Stories Inspired by the Music of Rush.

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