Dark Dispatch intends to provide accurate, informative content related to entertainment.

Reviews should:

  • be accurate
  • focus on the subject matter being reviewed
  • not attack the content creator personally

Social media often prompts a reactionary response from people, and it has become commonplace for people to attack others. That is not our objective. Our intent is to build a team of contributors who subscribe to specific core values and want to support various forms of art, including books, short stories, movies, and television shows.

We support diversity and inclusion. We do not mandate that individuals must disclose their status to us to be considered for promotional opportunities. We will not disclose your gender, sexual orientation, or any other personal information without your consent.

We recognize that everyone can have an off day, that there are a wide range of opinions within the various publishing communities, and that we will not agree on all issues. We will take actions as needed to eliminate focus on problematic material and creators. For example, if we learn an author is a sexual predator or that a publisher isn’t paying their authors, we may opt to ban their works from review consideration. However, such actions will be taken with caution, and will be reserved for the most serious issues.

Fundamentally, we believe there’s more that unites us than divides us. We will provide honest reviews. Our contributors will not review content they have a personal stake in, or stand to profit from. And we do not guarantee we will review all material submitted for consideration. Authors, publishers, and content creators should understand that sometimes, a reviewer may opt to DNF a work that they have serious issues with to avoid writing a negative review.

We do not tolerate attacks on reviewers. As long as reviewers have presented a balanced evaluation that’s factually accurate and avoided personal attacks on the author, the review is their opinion and reviews are intended for the audience, not the creator(s).