Review: Conjuring the Witch by Jessica Leonard

Conjuring the Witch is a 2023 release about a church in a small town, and what happens when the people used to holding power try to exert it over someone who won’t yield.

Reading from the beginning of Conjuring the Witch.

#Skeleanor reads from Jessica Leonard’s new novel, Conjuring the Witch, which is out today! #horrorbooks #bookstagram #booktok #recommendedreads

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Video review of Conjuring the Witch.
Written summary of review (not as detailed, but hits the main points).

Conjuring the Witch is the new novel by Jessica Leonard, who is the author of Antioch. Now, when I read Antioch, my husband and I had an interesting discussion. It turns out, some people he knows had a bit of a debate about the ending. Now, for me, the ending was earned and it worked. 

Endings sell your next novel. So there was no doubt about me checking out Conjuring the Witch. And although I found the religion dredged up some post-fundy trauma, so a note to anyone who might find that triggering. This is heavily centered in church life, including sermons. And Jessica nails it.  For me, it was worth it to go through the journeys the characters take and see how they evolved.

I was really into the slow burn of this story, the sense of dread that creeps in and takes over.  I also liked the fact that the supernatural aspects aren’t overexplained; you’re in the same mindset as the characters, trying to figure out what’s going on, and that adds to the tension and suspense.

And this book has a hell of an ending. I won’t spoil it. Buy it and read it. 

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