Dark Dispatch is currently open to submissions for Deadly Love, an issue of romantic horror in all its forms. Open to dark fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and crime subs featuring a romantic horror plot. Submission guidelines can be found here.

Dark Dispatch opens May 15 to submissions for The Dead Inside, an identity horror anthology. Learn more about the anthology and the submission guidelines here.

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Use the following guidelines to submit material for coverage consideration:

  • email
  • put the words Review submission or news submission or interview submission or guest article in the subject line
  • in the email, identify the content, creator, release date and type of coverage you seek
  • in the email identify the submission format options available (we accept mobi files for arcs and print arcs on a case by case basis – mobi files can be submitted with a review/interview request)
  • the email sender should identify their relationship to the creator if relevant (ie: note if you are the publicist, publisher, distributor, etc.)

Please note: Reviewers are free to consider content for coverage in the order received and may not adjust their review schedule. The earlier content is submitted, the better the chances it will receive coverage. We do not guarantee coverage for any submission..