This note applies to all submission calls. All correspondence about your submission should be sent as a response to your submission unless editors initiate a separate communication. This includes withdrawals. Please do not send withdrawals to a different email address.

We will not process any PDF or RTF or transferred file submissions. We will no longer engage in correspondence about submissions containing these types of files. They will not be processed or treated as a valid submission. Thank you for referring to the appropriate submission guidelines pages and following the posted guidelines.

Submissions for The Dead Inside, an identity horror anthology, are closed.

Submissions to The Dead Inside closed midnight August 2, 2021. Submissions received August 3 on will not be reviewed or processed.

Deadly Love submissions closed at midnight July 9, 2021 EDST. Rejections and acceptances have been sent. The table of contents will be announced mid-August.

FAQs about submissions:

  1. Each submission call has its own guidelines that should be followed.
  2. Flash fiction stories are defined as stories 999 words or less. Some sub calls may prefer shorter submissions, but submissions may be up to 999 words. A stated preference does not exclude stories that fall outside the preferred word count. Short stories are stories 1,000-7,499 words in length.
  3. Please do not respond to rejections.

June 27, 2021 update:

Writers, please refer to the links above for the specific guidelines for each submission call. Emails that include multiple submissions cannot be processed. Each submission should be sent in its own email. Also, submissions are limited to two items per writer (whether you use several pseudonyms or not).

Submissions containing more than two submitted pieces will not be processed. Every writer who’s submitted to The Dead Inside has received an email confirmation and a reminder to ensure the submission complies with the guidelines so writers can correct their submissions and ensure their work’s considered. Please don’t eliminate your work from consideration by overlooking the submission guidelines.

While we may not automatically reject a story that doesn’t have the proper subject line, for example, following the guidelines may have some bearing on our decisions if we’re narrowing our acceptance list between equally strong stories.

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Submitting Material for Review

Use the following guidelines to submit material for coverage consideration:
  • email
  • put the words Review submission or news submission or interview submission or guest article in the subject line
  • in the email, identify the content, creator, release date and type of coverage you seek
  • in the email identify the submission format options available (we accept mobi files for arcs and print arcs on a case by case basis – mobi files can be submitted with a review/interview request)
  • the email sender should identify their relationship to the creator if relevant (ie: note if you are the publicist, publisher, distributor, etc.)

Please note: Reviewers are free to consider content for coverage in the order received and may not adjust their review schedule. The earlier content is submitted, the better the chances it will receive coverage. We do not guarantee coverage for any submission..