The Roundup (2022) – review

In 2017 Ma Dong-seok starred in The Outlaws, a South Korean crime action film. It’s about a turf war between rival gangs and a detective and his squad who try to keep the peace. It was well received and successful enough that another three sequels were announced. The Roundup is the first of them. The series will follow the squad of detectives and each installment will be a standalone story. Kind of like the 87th Precinct as an action franchise.

The Outlaws was a relatively popular movie but didn’t cross over in a way that other South Korean titles have over the years, so The Roundup made its streaming debut on Tubi. Which is great because Tubi is fucking awesome. If you don’t yet know about Tubi, it’s FREE!

In The Roundup, Ma Dong-seok’s character travels to Vietnam to extradite a suspect and involves himself in a case where Korean tourists are being killed. 

My only complaint about the movie is that the squad of detectives are left back in Korea so they are absent for much of the movie. Yes, it’s Ma Dong-seok’s show but the show was also more of an ensemble in The Outlaws. 

These movies have great action sequences and a light comedic touch. Ma Dong-seok is a charismatic actor and an action super star. If you haven’t caught either of these movies yet, consider checking them out. 

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