#Review – Boys from County Hell

Okay, I didn’t know Bram Stoker was Irish, and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Boys from County Hell, because I’m not a huge vampire fan. This one inverts some of the tropes and makes the vampire story its own. You just know that when the government approved an overpass that will require a cairn to be torn down, trouble’s in store.

Boys from County Hell keeps the story moving forward and offers plenty of twists along the way. For me, some of the differences between this story and other vampire stories added to the original feel of this movie. There’s also a real thick streak of dark humor running throughout it, which intensifies the horrific parts. I’d be laughing one moment and cringing the next. There were even a few points where my jaw dropped open.

This has a tight cast, weaves in some compelling subplots, and delivers a strong vampire horror flick and also manages to feel life-affirming at the same time. 4 stars.

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