The Dead Inside Submissions Open Soon

The Dead Inside

An Identity Horror Anthology

We’re excited to announce Dark Dispatch is teaming up with Laurel Hightower for THE DEAD INSIDE, an identity horror anthology. Explorations of what happens when our core identities are stripped, altered, suppressed, or denied to us, whether by choice or not. The way parenthood turns you into a different person. How toxic masculinity shapes us and robs boys of their childhoods. Suppression of race, culture, or ethnicity to stay safe, get the job, or grab that publishing contract. Being forced to stay closeted for safety, acceptance, or love. How does a lifetime of suppression and self-hatred affect us? What might our lives have been like if we’d been able to break free? Who do we become when we perpetuate the same patterns? And who are we, really, when we strip down the outer skin of what we are?

Those are some examples. Identity suppression and the pressure to conform affect people on several levels. Living with a disability you try to disguise? Consumed by the expectations of your parents, spouse, or children? You might have the perfect inspiration for a story for The Dead Inside.

Submissions open May 15. Read our submission guidelines here.

PS: The comments are open here. If you have general questions about the guidelines, this is the perfect time to ask!

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