Dark Dispatch Issue #1 Out Now

Dark Dispatch publishes dark fiction, including dark fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and crime fiction. The first issue of Dark Dispatch features short stories centered on the theme of redemption by writers Rebecca Burton, Christina Delia, Lena Ng, and dave ring. Nonfiction articles by Laurel Hightower, Donyae Coles, Brian Lindenmuth, Lena Ng, Christina Delia, and David Webb explore themes of redemption in different forms of fiction, such as comedies and comics, and the challenges of writing about redemption.

Dark Dispatch is published by Brian Lindenmuth and edited by Sandra Ruttan. This issue also features an interview with writer and publisher dave ring. Learn more about the issue contributors here.

You can buy Dark Dispatch Issue 1 now or you can subscribe to our newsletter by April 23 to receive a free copy.

Table of Contents:

Letter from the Editor by Sandra Ruttan
Redemption or Revenge by Sandra Ruttan
Insidious Guilt by Laurel Hightower
The Huntsman by Lena Ng
To Hold Fast a Fading Mote of Warmth by dave ring
Butcher, Baker, Widower Maker by Christina Delia
Confession by Rebecca Burton
He’s Just a Bad Man by Donyae Coles
Top Five Redemption Arcs in Dark Comedies by Christina Delia
Redemption in Storytelling by Lena Ng
Four Redemption Arcs from Comics We’re About to See in Live Action by
David Webb
Self-Sacrifice and the Redemption of John Creasy by Brian Lindenmuth
An Interview with Writer and Publisher dave ring by Sandra Ruttan

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