Entertainment Advent Calendar 2022: You Must Remember This podcast

You Must Remember This: Erotic 80s is, hands down, one of the best scripted film podcasts of the year. It’s informative and incisive. It makes me reassess and challenges my views. I sometimes found myself disagreeing with some aspect as a knee-jerk reaction only to have been completely won over by the end of the episode In short, it’s brilliant and really well done.

This season of You Must Remember This will explore the relatively brief period, beginning in the 1970s and ending around the end of the millennium, when Hollywood movies explored the sexual lives, mores and fantasies of adults with degrees of candor, realism and imagination not seen before or since. Why did genres like the erotic thriller, body horror, neo-noir and the sex comedy flourish in the 80s and 90s, what was happening culturally that made these movies possible and popular, and why did Hollywood stop taking sex seriously?

Each episode of Erotic 80s examines a single year, and one or more films that share a genre, a theme or a star, with topics ranging from the politics of porn, to the first camcorder sex tape scandal, to the sexualization of teens, to Hollywood’s lingering fear of interracial coupling.

You Must Remember this can be found using your preferred podcast app

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