Popular Sci-Fi Site Permits Threats

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have to examine author or publisher conduct and the relationship to politics. In an ideal world, we could separate politics from art.

The world we live in is far from ideal, and if there’s one thing the past four years has underscored, it’s the importance of addressing serious concerns. Talk may be cheap to some, but the consequences of dangerous discourse — perpetuating lies with false statements made and supported by those with political power leading to an armed attack on the Capitol — can cost people their lives.

Jason Sanford has done a deep dive on the issues at Baen’s Bar, an online forum hosted by Baen Books. Any site that’s taken steps to ban some topics, as Baen’s Bar has done, but allows posters to advocate for criminal actions and issue threats, is fostering an unsafe environment and people should be aware of this.

Sanford’s tweet has a link to his Patreon, where his evidence is outlined. The article is free to the public and I would like to thank Sanford for going to this effort to provide critical information to readers, reviewers, and authors.

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