[Review] – They’re Watching

By Michael David Wilson and Bob Pastorella

I expected a good story from a Michael David Wilson and Bob Pastorella collaboration. What I didn’t necessarily expect is how much I would love They’re Watching. This is my second book I read by Wilson, first by Pastorella. But my gods… they went above and beyond my expectations. I recently listened to The Girl in the Video by Wilson, and They’re Watching is a great novella that pairs well together, for a few reasons: Both deal with an English and Japanese main character, someone is stalked, and both possess dark and eerie tones while maintaining an ultra-realism.

Without going into detail, this book conjured up a few films and books for me: Hot Fuzz, Midnight in the Meat Train, and Fahrenheit 451.

Hot Fuzz for the small and strange English village (town?). Midnight in the Meat Train for the I-can-see-that-happening-to-me scenario and the dread and anxiety in both tales build up until the very last scene where everything explodes in a glorious and horrible moment where…(hehe, I’m not telling you the ending). Then lastly, Fahrenheit 451 for one very specific scene that involves a car full of don’t-give-a-fuck teenagers.

I love this book so much because every chapter made me so uncertain of what to believe. What’s real? Is Her the answer to the truth? Is Her the right or wrong choice? Is Her aware of how fucking creepy the main character is? Is Her a god? A demon? An Angel? Is Her even real?

Is any of this real?

Then there’s Ted. Good o’ Ted. He’s my favorite character by far, for both his outer rugged private investigator shell, covering a tough-love and caring core. I’d really like to know more about his story. A PI with a background in dealing with shitty people, unable to trust anyone, and somehow managed to build up a pain tolerance level to an impressive degree!  I’d love to read more of his side of the story during They’re Watching, as well as what his life was like before this story began.

Like The Girl in the Video, the ending does not disappoint. In fact, it left me saying two words: Holy. Shit.

No Links or covers at this time – no cover reveal yet, and book comes out this Halloween.

Grade: A

Review by Patrick R. McDonough


I received a copy of the e-ARC by the authors for review consideration.

Patrick R. McDonough is a writer, reviewer, and podcaster. He is the producer and one of the hosts for Dead Headspace podcast.

Follow on Twitter: @PRMcDonough

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