#EntertainmentAdventCalendar – Derry Girls


Even when the world around you is chaotic, life still goes on. 

Relationships are started, meals are had, people go to work. If you were a teenager in the 90’s in Northern Ireland, you still had to go to school, and complete assignments, and find parties to go to even though The Troubles were all around you. Life goes on. 

Derry Girls is a very funny show that is rooted in great characters and relationship dynamics. It’s got a big heart too.

By the end of the second season, you’ll want to be a Derry Girl too.


I spent some time living in Ireland 30 years ago, and there were a lot of things this show touched on that brought back this experience. Like any great comedy, Derry Girls uses humor to create social commentary and address sensitive topics in an effective way. You’ll wish for a group of friends who have your back the way the Derry Girls do. It isn’t just about the Irish conflict at the time. Derry Girls touches on universal truths about friendships, such as forgiveness, trust, and self-acceptance. It also effectively reinforces the fact that becoming an adult doesn’t mean you have all your shit together, and the grudges and misunderstandings that drive the adults’ actions throughout often produce some of the funniest moments. The trailer doesn’t do it justice. If you’re looking for a good comedy, head to Netflix and give Derry Girls a chance. It really is superb.

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