“Lonely Heather” by The Nude Party

This might just be my favorite song of the year. Beyond an upbeat tempo that makes me want to get up and move there’s other qualities also.

I know that traditional radio is a dying format in the era of streaming and digital songs but I still listen to the radio almost everyday. My station of choice is WTMD in Baltimore. I like that I discovered this song by hearing it on the radio in the car and reaching for the knob to turn the volume up. I like that I heard it a couple of times before finally catching the name from the DJ. I didn’t Shazam the song and didn’t buy a copy of it from Amazon or Itunes. Every time I hear it on the radio it is like a unexpected gift. There will come a time, when the radio isn’t playing it anymore, when I may buy a copy. But for now, I like the organic way that the song came to me and all the times since.

There was a local band called J Roddy Walston & The Business. When my daughter was little they were her favorite band. “Lonely Heather” by The Nude Party reminds be, just a little, of J Roddy. So it also reminds me of those times playing loud local music with my daughter.

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