#EntertainmentAdvent2020 – Stuff We Liked This Year

2020 has been a difficult year, but there’s still plenty to celebrate. To wrap up the year, in the days leading up to Christmas we (Brian and Sandra) will be posting our #EntertainmentAdvent2020 highlights.

Basically, this is a countdown of stuff we liked that we want to talk about.

We all know that ‘best of’ lists are limited, because there’s no way that any single person can consume all of the releases that come out in any given year. And sometimes, we read or view things outside of their release year. While I don’t want to get too far ahead talking about 2021 releases, I’m happy to champion works that were released in the last few years. Book sales can make or break an author’s chances of having a subsequent work published, and streaming movies or television shows can also help those works continue.

Every day, one or both of us will share about something we really liked. The works will be covered in no particular order, with one caveat. We’re mainly going to focus on TV shows and films in the days closest to Christmas. That way, if someone hears about a book that would make a perfect present, they’ll still have time to order it before the holidays.

Sandra will kick things off with a movie pick tomorrow!

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