Review: A Thousand Bones by P.J. Parrish

A Thousand Bones uses intersecting timelines to share the story of Miami homicide detective Joe Frye’s past. We see her at the time her career began, as a recruit from a criminology class. She takes a job in Michigan, but is unprepared for what she’s about to experience.

She has to tell this story to the man that she loves because she must face her past in order to move forward.

With winter on the way, bones are found in the woods. Without an ID and only a few scattered items, it’s a tough case to work on. Tension rises. Sexual discrimination is rampant, and Joe is fighting every step of the way just to be included in her workplace. When she makes progress others take credit. The sheriff doesn’t intervene. As more bones are found Joe’s worst fears are realized. With multiple victims, the case has expanded and intensified.

The tension builds to a resolution that answers questions and provides the reader with satisfaction, as well as a keen desire to continue with this series character.

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