Review: Every Fear by Rick Mofina

When Lee and Maria Colson’s son Dylan is abducted their lives are changed forever. Maria tries to save Dylan, and is hit by the abductors’ vehicle and left to die.

Every Fear maintains the intensity with every page. Through journalist Jason Wade, a detective, the FBI, the abductors, and Lee Colson, Mofina shows every facet of the investigation and the crime and the toll it takes on those involved. As is often the case with investigations, the victims’ lives are turned inside out in the search for the tiniest speck of dirt to shed light on the motives for the crime.

Wade is a compelling character and Mofina is an expert at his craft, making the story accessible to those who’ve never read a Jason Wade story before. Mofina also ensures all the characters are developed; no cardboard cut-out placeholders, no clichés. The villains are humanized and the victims aren’t perfect. It makes it hard to know how to feel sometimes, as you sort through the revelations. All in all, this is an excellent thriller that will keep you turning the pages, and wanting more.

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