Review Policies & Reviewing for DD

Follow this link to learn about submitting material for review consideration.

Review Policies

We do not tolerate harassment from authors, publicists, or publishers.

Submitted materials are given consideration, but we do not guarantee coverage.

Reviews are honest assessments of the work as presented. It is not the reviewer’s responsibility to check if you’ve updated files since submitting material for review. It is not the reviewer’s responsibility to re-read material if you’ve made changes since submitting the review copy.

Any* author/publisher is open to review consideration, provided their material fits our mandate. Our priorities are dark fiction, including dark fantasy, fantasy, science fiction, horror, crime/thrillers, and some westerns. Subgenres (weird, etc) are welcome.

*The exception is authors or publishers who’ve blocked us on social media. A block is taken as an indication you don’t want any association with us, and we respect those boundaries if we learn you’ve blocked us.

We do not require reviewers to list trigger warnings; however, we support TWs and encourage authors/publishers to provide them. The reason we don’t require them is that it puts the burden on the reviewer feel they have to identify any potential TW, and (as human beings who’re still learning and growing) we may not always recognize content that needs a TW. Seriously, did you know that “blindsided” and “tone-deaf” are ableist terms? Or that “m*r*n” and “ret@rd” are offensive? Spend 5 minutes on Twitter and you’ll see even a lot of authors don’t understand this. Some reviewers use these terms regularly, especially the M word. While we think it’s ideal if reviewers list the major TWs, we don’t want readers assuming it’s a comprehensive list of all TWs.

We will not publish reviews of material we’ve published. We may highlight our material from time to time with a promotional or informational post, but we will not post original reviews on our site of The Dead Inside, or our ebooks.

Becoming a Reviewer

If you’d like to review for Dark Dispatch, email Sandra @

We request reviews be at least 300 words in length. No summary is required. However, we expect reviewers to identify any potential conflicts of interest. We will not accept reviews from the publisher’s publicist or the author’s editor. Reviews should be honest assessments of the work written to help readers decide if they’d like to read the work. Reviewers are for readers, not authors.

We do accept movie/tv reviews and we’re open to video game reviews.