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Review: Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan

Xingyin grows up on the moon, where her mother is imprisoned by the Celestial Emperor. Before Xingyin was born, her mother drank the immortal elixir intended for her husband, who’d received the elixir for an act of heroism. Other than Xingyin’s mother and one lady who lives with them, nobody knows about Xingyin’s existence, but…

Poison for the Fairies directed by Carlos Enrique Taboada – review

Poison for Fairies is a 1985 Mexican, Spanish language movie directed by Carlos Enrique Taboada. It takes place in Mexico City in 1965. Flavia is new to school and becomes friends with Veronica, who is a bit of an outcast. Veronica lives with her infirmed grandmother and a caretaker that looks after them. She is…

Review: Veil by Dylan Farrow

Veil is the second book in the Hush duology. It picks up right where Hush left off, with Shae and her companions fleeing an oppressive ruler, trying to make it to the apparently real land of Gondal that lies beyond their borders. With Bards hot on their heels and their resources growing thin, Shae, Fiona, Mads, and Kennan have to…