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Increasing Your Odds of #PitDark Success

This article first appeared as Increasing Your Odds of #PitMad Success. The general principles can be applied to any pitch event. Always refer first to the event’s published guidelines and ensure you follow those guidelines first! Until March 7, 2019, I had only participated in #PitMad as a writer. Before participating as an editor I […]

Respect Your Art, Respect Your Audience

Back in the aughts, I had three police procedurals published by Dorchester, two of which were also translated and published by SHUEISHA. The books are still available, via Thomas & Mercer, but I rarely hype them up or try to solicit sales. I haven’t revisited them in over a decade, but even my mid-life memory […]

How to Write a Sizzling Synopsis

Once your novel is written and edited it is time to start thinking about your submission package. This typically involves writing a synopsis. This is a task that fills many writers with dread, but it shouldn’t. Your synopsis performs a very specific job. It guides an editor or agent through the core plot of your […]