Entertainment Advent Calendar 2022: Celluloid Dirt podcast

A new podcast about film noir, Celluloid Dirt.

As I wrote about earlier, my noir discovery of the year was the 1981 Japanese film Yokohama BJ Blues. It’s fairly unknown in the west so I keep tabs on its Letterboxd page to read the new reviews whenever they come in. It was through Letterboxd that I discovered this “master list of pre-noir, noir, and neo-noir films in chronological order” by Celluloid Dirt, a “noir appreciation podcast.”

In the first episode the hosts lay out their definition of noir. This can be a tricky proposition and has proven to be a difficult task at times. Their definition is solid though with nothing rising above a good-natured bargument. It’s a strong start. Their first season looks at “the private detective archetype and how it has changed alongside the evolution of the noir genre.” Each episode focuses on a small number of films. There are also standalone episodes that tie into the season’s themes.

I can’t wait to hear the discussion of the movie that kicked all this off for me, Yokohama BJ Blues.

Season 1 is still underway and they have future seasons planned.

Celluloid Dirt is definitely worth checking out.

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