Review: The Silent Sea

The Silent Sea is a South Korean web series about a group of astronauts who travel to the moon in search of samples and secrets that an abandoned research facility might hold. Will this disparate group of characters be able to trust each other? What secrets does the base hold? 

As the great streaming wars continue, different streaming services are making different moves to edge out competitors and stake out some territory in the imaginations of viewers faced with increasing options. With many streamers banking on original material, Netflix is trying to reach a more global audience. Specifically, for the purposes of this review, they are bringing over a ton of Korean shows and originals. Which makes sense. They’ve had success in previous years with shows like Kingdom and Squid Game was a massive global hit when it was released. This is a gospel I’ve been preaching for years, that there is a whole world of movies, TV shows, actors, actresses, directors, and other creatives waiting for wider discovery in the West and that have built in audiences in their home countries. World’s got a lot of cool shit and streaming is making it easier to watch.

The Silent Sea dropped in December and was a higher profile show for Netflix. It brought with it some familiar faces. Gong Yoo had a small role in Squid Game and is likely most known for the lead role in one of the best zombie movies to come out in years, Train to Busan. Doona Bae was in Kingdom and is well known for Sense8, Cloud Atlas, and for her work with Bong Joon-ho. 

One of the things I really like about The Silent Sea is that it treats the central mysteries of the show as just that, mysteries. Investigations need to happen and information needs to be gathered. The characters also spend a lot of time discussing the various problems they face. This makes sense given the setting, the moon, since they’re all literally in this together. It also makes the show feel a little more thoughtful.

Have you ever taken a drink of water, swallowed wrong, and spent the next few minutes choking and coughing for air? Scary right? There are a couple of scenes that are kind of like the opposite of that. And even though the special effect is an old one, it is still an effective one here,

Among friends who watched it, the ending has proven to be a divisive one. I dug it though I will tell you that it does set up a second season. That hasn’t been announced yet but hopefully we’ll get more.

The Silent Sea has great characters, an interesting premise, and enough intrigue to keep you hooked. What more could you ask for?


      • I’m way behind, probably, in my watching as I don’t have a streaming service currently…I think the last I watched were the standbys: I Saw the Devil, Yellow Sea, Oldboy, and Lady Vengeance…Probably more than that, but that’s all that I can remember for now! 🙂


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