Review: Unburied – A Queer Dark Fiction Anthology

When you read horror that embraces representation, you’re emerged in horror that reflects all parts of society and leaves you unsettled, taking a second look at the faces in the grocery store and the fine print on the work contracts you sign.

There’s no need for a masked man to run around hacking people to bits when you havr victims of cults looking over their shoulders, terrified their abusers will find them and force them back to the cult compound (“Night Follows Night” by Greg Herren). 

You don’t need nightmares to keep you awake at night when you have two of the most disturbing children inhabiting stories like Elin Olausson’s “Razer, Knife.” Still, if you want something to make you check under the bed you’ve got Sweet Dreams by M.C. St.John.

There are stories on asteroids and stories in small towns. There are stories about body horror and stories about psychological horror. In addition to the wide range of settings, there are a wide range of writing styles, but one thing is consistent throughout. The stories all have a dark tone and a looming sense of dread that builds as you turn every page.

I never sure if I do anthologies justice in reviews, because I want to avoid many details so none of the stories are spoiled. What I will say is that there’s a lot of great stuff to dig into in Unburied (edited by Rebecca Rowland) and if you love short stories, this anthology is worth your time. Especially if you want to support representation in publishing.

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