Flashback: Mindy Tarquini

The Infinite Now by Mindy Tarquini
In flu-ravaged 1918 Philadelphia, Fiora Vicente, the freshly orphaned and forward-thinking daughter of the local fortune teller, has goals. She has ambitions. But when faced with a future she hasn’t planned, she has second thoughts–and casts her community into a stagnant bubble of time.
Inside the bubble, life among Fiora’s superstitious neighbors continues, but nothing progresses, swamped by a steady stream of unspent seconds. As the pressure builds Fiora realizes she must find the courage to collapse the bubble–or risk trapping her dreams in an unbearable, unyielding, and infinite

This post resurfaced in my memories, and it seemed appropriate to share it here.

One thing I know is what I like. A story that grabs my attention. In 2006, I had the privilege of publishing Mindy Tarquini, not once, but twice. Her short stories—”Absolution” and “Domino”—made me sit up and take notice. This was a writer to watch.

Hindsight by Mindy Tarquini
“Tarquini’s innovative concept is paired with realistic characters and sparkling wit, making this enjoyable novel a keeper.”
–Publishers Weekly, Starred Review
Redbook Best Books of 2016
2017 Benjamin Franklin IBPA Award: Gold 
USA Best Book Awards: General Fiction – Finalist


Born this time around into a South Philadelphia Italian-American family so traditional, she and her siblings are expected to marry in birth order, Eugenia lives a simple life―no love connection, no controversy, no complications. Her hope is that the Blessed Virgin Mary (who oversees her soul’s progress) will grant her heart’s desire, the option to choose the circumstances of her next life. But when a student reveals he shares her ability, Eugenia suddenly finds herself setting up a Facebook page and sponsoring a support group for others like her, an oddball odyssey, during which she discovers she must confront her current shortcomings before she can break the cycle and finally live the life of her dreams.

A layered contemporary fable, Hindsight reminds us to live this life like it’s the only one we’ll have.

In 2016, Mindy Tarquini’s debut novel, Hindsight, launched with a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly and high praise from other critics. It became a Best Book Awards finalist and was a Benjamin Franklin Book Gold Winner.

In 2017, her second novel, The Infinite Now, earned two awards nominations. Congratulations Mindy! **The Infinite Now went on to win the award for best LGBT.

Mindy Tarquini has since gone on to publish a third book, Deepest Blue.

Deepest Blue by Mindy Tarquini
In a magical city seen only at twilight, a resentful second son unlocks secrets which could cause his world’s star to set.

For fans of Neil Gaiman and Paulo Coelho comes “a haunting lyrical fantasy dealing with love, loss, and political turmoil.” (Publisher’s Weekly)

In Panduri, everyone’s path is mapped, everyone’s destiny decided, their lives charted at birth and steered by an unwavering star. Everyone has his place, and Matteo, second son of Panduri’s duca, is eager to take up his as Legendary Protector–at the border and out from under his father’s domineering thumb. Then Matteo’s older brother pulls rank and heads to the border in his stead, leaving Panduri’s orbit in a spiral and Matteo’s course on a skid. Forced to follow an unexpected path, resentful and raw, Matteo is determined to rise, to pursue the one future Panduri’s star can never chart: a life of his own.

One comment

  1. Welcome back. You have a great-looking publication going on here!

    Suffered a major concussion and stopped reading and writing for the last 7 years. Cognitive issues. \

    Just started writing again and feeling it returning. Tried my hand at some lighter stuff that turned out well and hoping to raise the bar by getting back into Crime and Noir. Still nervous about even trying my tougher stuff yet.

    Good luck on your latest venture!

    Deb Davenport


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