#EntertainmentAdventCalendar – Barbarians

Both Brian and Sandra share their thoughts about this Netflix series.

From Sandra:

When I heard there was a German TV series that had characters speaking both German and Latin, I was intrigued. The idea of resurrecting a dead language for a television show was enough to capture my interest, and I’m glad it did. We learn about the Roman Empire, but not much about how the Roman Empire fell. Barbarians tackles that by delving into the conflict between Roman troops and Germanic tribes. Love, loss, sacrifice, loyalty, and honor are all part of the fabric of this story. A great historical drama makes you feel like you’ve stepping into the time and understand it, and Barbarians does that. The character of Armenius is one of the most layered and complex characters I’ve watched this year. His heritage is at war with his upbringing, and he’s torn apart by the internal conflict, which mirrors the external conflicts driving this story. Well worth every single minute of your time to watch. And if you’ve been missing some of the battle scenes and the intrigue behind Game of Thrones, this will help scratch the itch. There are only 6 episodes, but they are oh so very good.

From Brian:

I’m not going to lie, Barbarians didn’t immediately work for me. The story of Germanic tribes holding off the invading Romans in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9 A.D. won me over though. The jockeying for position and power as the tribes figure out how to work together is quite compelling. Plus there’s great battle scenes too!

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