#EntertainmentAdvent2020 – Ghosts (BBC)

When you were watching The Haunting of Bly Manor, did you ever take a moment to wonder what if it was presented as a comedy? Neither did I, but that’s at the heart of Ghosts.

A women inherits a stately old manor, her and her husband move in, it’s haunted by a group of ghosts from different time periods ranging from a caveman to a politician that died in the middle of a sex act in the 80s (so he’s always without pants), and after she has an accident she can see/hear/interact with the group of ghosts. Hijinks ensue.

I saw a clip of Ghosts on social media (of the scene where she firsts confronts the group of ghosts) and I initially thought it was from a sketch show. I was delighted to learn that it was a show. Every episode is hilarious and I just love the group of ghosts and their group dynamics.

If you want something light in these trying times, may I suggest Ghosts.

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